deploy-routeviews-py - A Script for Rapid BGP Monitoring


A script to quickly deploy routeviews-py on a Linux machine. Designed for internet censorship monitoring and research. When suspected censorship is reported, this script can quickly stand up BGP monitoring on a low-resource Linux machine like a cheap VPS.

It will immediately begin monitoring designed Autonomous Systems (for instance, all those belonging to a country), recording BGP changes, and display the data in a simple graph. The data from routeviews-py can be easily integrated with other services/scripts such as creating a BGP-monitoring Twitter bot.

Simply specify which ASNs should be monitored. deploy-routeviews-py will:

  • Download the latest copy of routeviews-py
  • Create a SQLite database
  • Update your crontab appropriately
  • Create a PHP file which uses Highcharts to visualize the BGP data
Usage: ./ 123,456,789 (comma-seperated ASNs)

Installation will occur in the current directory.